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Appingo Community
We use Appingo with our clients in all areas, and our team members all love it. Not just our own staff, but the companies we work with, are delighted to work in the Appingo system. That's the greatest compliment of all: when a client buys in to a vendor system, that's proof positive that the tool itself is a value add. We are proud to recommend Appingo to everyone we work with.

Myron Cizdyn
Bottom Line Publishing Services

After having tried every publishing management system out there for years (in fact, when I was working at larger publishing houses, we even did our own system from scratch), I have finally found a system that is everything I needed: online, simple, clear, yet powerful. And best one of all: no more 2-hour status meetings! Yes, no more 2-hour status meetings!

Julio Varela
President, Publish

We are so happy to be Appingo team members. Our role of indexing is made easier by the Appingo system. From getting the initial project assignment and deadline, to retrieving the book files, to sending the completed index, to submitting the invoice - the Appingo system keeps track of things every step of the way. And Appingo has great people to work with, too.

Linda & Dave Buskus
Master Indexers


Appingo Community

Appingo's Production Management Suite was created because we believe that the process of making books could be better. Until now, technology has only complicated the lives of the people who make books. Beyond Excel spreadsheets and reams of Post-It notes, few tools have been created to make the lives of production people more effective and happier. Appingo changes that.

Appingo was designed to make people happy. It makes Production Managers happy because it eliminates 90% of the administrative stress surrounding the production process. It makes Executives happy because their production teams can handle 2–4 times more projects, and deliver these projects on-time and on-budget. Appingo offers priceless, real-time information.

If you are in the business of making books, we hope you use Appingo. More importantly, we hope it makes you happy.

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